IPI provides measurable and reliable asset data for engineering firms and municipalities to drive strategic decision making in places thought unreachable.

Our Approach

Getting Accurate, Measurable
Data and Information Once Thought
“Impossible” Is Within Your Reach

Phase 1

Asset Data Collection
All asset data, historic and current, is collected before a direct assessment is feasible, define direct assessment regions, select indirect inspection tools, and determine if additional integrity data is needed.

Phase 2

Asset Examination
Use of non-intrusive and aboveground techniques to assess your assets. In the asset examination phase, the data collected from the Asset Data Collection phase is analyzed in order to select sites for further examination of your hard to reach assets.

Phase 3

Asset Analysis
Integrity data collected in the previous phases are analyzed and integrated to assess the effectiveness of the direct assessment process and determine reassessment intervals.

Phase 4

Attack and Deliver
In this phase, we stick to the initial plans for flawless execution. The deliverables will be sent to our subsidiary partner, Insta-Pipe division for a remediation survey.
Why Choose Us

Aligned Together

IPI wants to exceed your expectations with any project we take on. We make sure we’re aligned with you throughout the process. This ensures that we efficiently complete your project and reach your goals. And we want to work with you beyond one project. IPI wants to build a lasting relationship through our integrity and performance.

IPI is an established, capable inspection company with over 15 years experience serving a diverse range of clients. We have conducted thousands of miles of inspections in a wide range of conditions.

Based in Tumwater, WA, our primary service area is the Pacific Northwest. Our team has mobilized nationally to tackle projects deemed uninspectible by other firms.

The IPI Package

Asset Data That’s Correct, Clear,
and Consolidated.


Panoramic technology captures continuous images of the pipe and operates in both forward and reverse. Images are captured every two seconds and create a 360 degree view of the entire pipe surface. Our high definition digital imaging gives you 6 times the resolution of CCTV.


IPI’s viewer software makes it possible to carry out a complete sewer inspection in the office. IPI converts raw field data into meaningful information to help you gain better insight into your assets. A technician views the inspection data and uses a combination of controls to pan and rotate the camera. Our PACP, LACP, and MACP certified coding helps you create comprehensive databases to properly identify, plan, prioritize, manage and renovate your assets based on condition evaluation.


Deliverables are presented to customers in multiple formats for ease of use existing procedures – internal or external hard drive space. Reports can be revisited at future dates and manipulated in order to show new variables, give more comprehensive details, and answer questions/concerns not part of the original scope of the project.


The next phase in complete asset management is integrating the results of data acquisition with GIS and work order software. GIS software allows for the overlay of mapped images so customers can view underground infrastructure in relation to above ground asset systems and structures. Through our planning we are able to better forecast maintenance and rehabilitation schedules making your goals within reach.


What Clients Are Saying

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Through our measurable and reliable asset data make your goals within reach.