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Dedicated to delivering excellence and constantly striving to exceed industry standards. Our commitment to achieving zero safety incidences, zero delays, and zero claims on all of our projects.


Asset Data That's Correct, Clear, and Consolidated

IPI accurately and efficiently collects data points beyond traditional CCTV. We link these data points with interactive reporting to build a more comprehensive picture of the underground architecture and help engineers and planners make strategic decisions.

Make Better Decisions With Actionable Insight

IPI allows asset managers to predict future risk and steward resources. We provide you consistent, accurate reporting to streamline data analysis and decision making. This is accomplished by using a proprietary risk-based assessment reporting tool.

Our tool includes:

  • Current condition assessment
  • Future flow predictions
  • Environmental impact
  • And a prioritized list of repair and rehabilitation needs

This makes it easier for you to drill down to specific problem areas. Within the reporting tool you can use an easy-to-use filter and query tools. Allowing you to assemble complex data sets, and customizable templates ensure your deliverables.

Technologically Driven

IPI uses the latest technology for underground asset data collection including 1080P High Definition cameras, lidar, laser profiling, sonar panoramic imaging, and more. We continually research and invest in technology that no-one in the underground asset management field has. IPI can adapt the technology to do the job. Some of the current technology we use to gather measurable and reliable data are:

  • 4K Panoramo
  • Laser Profiling
  • GPS
  • HD-Lateral Launch
  • Sonar
  • Sonar/LiDAR MSI

Aligned Together

We make sure we’re aligned with you throughout the process. This ensures that we efficiently complete your project and reach your goals. Our InReach Assessment™ ensures that we are aligned throughout your project to deliver you the data and information that you need. At IPI, we want to work with you beyond one project. We want to build a lasting relationship through our integrity and performance.

Our Purpose and Story

At IPI, our purpose is to lead the water, wastewater, and sewage industry in innovative and flawless data acquisition and analysis. We are an established, forward thinking inspection company. Founded in Tumwater, Washington, we have over 15 years experience serving a diverse range of clients. And they have trusted us to conduct thousands of miles of inspections in a wide range of conditions. We thrive on taking inspection jobs seen as “impossible”.


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Through our measurable and reliable asset data make your goals within reach.