The IPI Package

The most measurable and reliable, underground asset data at your fingertips


High definition Digital Imaging Of Your Assets

Panoramic technology captures continuous images of the pipe and operates in both forward and reverse. Images are captured every two seconds and create a 360 degree view of the entire pipe surface. Field operators launch the robot, monitor its progress, and collect the robot after it has scanned the desired length of pipe. Operators do not stop the recording to identify defects as in traditional cctv. Thus reducing the likelihood of operator omission.  All analysis is done offsite in an office environment.


Raw Data Converted to Meaningful Information

The PANORAMO viewer software makes it possible to carry out a complete sewer inspection in the office. A technician views the inspection data and uses a combination of controls to pan and rotate the camera. He can stop, turn a full circle, zoom, concentrate on laterals and defects, all as if he was operating the system in the field. In addition, the technician can go back and double check accuracy many times. Software tools allow for measurement of cracks, defects, pipe attributes with amazing accuracy. Within 1 mm detail. Images are viewed in both 2D and 3D using Wincan 8.0 and optisanner software. All reports are coded by a trained professional using PACP certified coding.


Integratable Web Based Deliveries

Deliverables are presented to you in many formats. Reports can be revisited at future dates and manipulated. This allows us to:

  • Show new variables
  • Give more comprehensive details
  • Answer questions/concerns not part of the original scope of the project

Panoramo generated reports are presented to you in the same way that technicians view them during processing. They are presented in both 2D and 3D. They can be viewed as a complete pipe image, and as a flattened image. This allows for viewing as single still images or a series of images viewed as live feed. And images do not lose their high resolution clarity.


Proactively Manage Your Assets

The next phase in complete asset management is integrating the results of data acquisition with GIS and work order software. GIS software allows for the overlay of mapped images. This gives customers the ability to view underground infrastructure in relation to above ground asset systems and structures. GIS mapping can show a pattern of defects in multiple asset systems. This allows teams to propose maintenance and rehabilitation projects on a schedule that is efficient. And address more than one asset system at the same time.

Schedule an INREACHâ„¢

Through our measurable and reliable asset data make your goals within reach.