Problems We Solve

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IPI is forward thinking and we utilize the latest technology for underground asset data collection. We actively research and invest in technology that no-one in the underground asset management field has. This has allowed us to provide you with the most measurable and reliable, underground asset data to drive your strategic decision making.

Getting Eyes On Your Hard to Reach Assets

There are many reasons why your assets may be characterized as ‘impossible’ to inspect. We thrive on taking on those ‘uninspectable’ projects. Some examples are:

  • Small diameters
  • Flow and access
  • Bends and connections
  • Hard to reach assets

Building A More Comprehensive Picture

It’s always a challenge to make decisions on your assets. Especially, when you have inaccurate or missing information. The documentation systems for many today are still fragmented. The relevant information is in both digital and hardcopy format. This fragmentation blocks your ability to quickly manage assets. And in gathering the right information for the best analysis and decision making. IPI can help you close that gap to build you a more comprehensive picture of your assets.

Delivering Measurable and Reliable Asset Data

Continuous and accurate condition assessment is critical for effective management and maintenance. To do this you need measurable and reliable data. An inspection is ineffective if the data collected during the inspection is of poor quality. The conversion of raw field inspection data into meaningful information is also crucial. And top of that the data must be PACP, LACP, and MACP certified. Some other challenges occur when integrating the data with your current system or software. Without a solid inspection and data collection process you will end up where you started. It will hinder you from performing a proper analysis of your system. At IPI, we can ensure the proper gathering and processing of your information.

It All Starts With An...

Get to the true condition of your current assets. To understand your assets true condition we use the latest inspection technologies. This gives us valuable insight on your assets and infrastructure. Allowing us to recommend and provide the right solution for you.

Schedule an INREACH™

Through our measurable and reliable asset data make your goals within reach.