Our Approach

Knowing the true condition of your pipeline infrastructure starts by getting an accurate assessment of your current assets. To understand your assets true condition we use the latest inspection technologies. All on-site operators are PACP certified and go the extra mile to provide you with deep insight. After your INREACH™ Assessment we present and recommend the best course of action.

Phase 1

Asset Data Collection

Phase 1 - Asset Data Collection

Accurate Inventory is Critical to Successful Asset Management

IPI provides you with superior quality inspection data for no matter the size of the project. When you’re equipped with your complete asset inventory, you can make your maintenance and rehabilitation priority decisions with confidence. Understanding your specific needs helps us with the accuracy of collecting your data. Before gathering data we consider:

  • What is your budget and schedule?
  • What is the immediate need?
  • What will be the future use/analysis of the data?
  • Is elevation important?

Phase 2

Asset Examination

Phase 2 - Asset Examination

Reliable and Measurable Data Gathered With State of the Art Technology

Using panoramic imaging technology, IPI is able to examine and produce superior quality inspection data. We gather your asset data using high definition digital imaging, which is 6 times the resolution of CCTV. Your digital data is captured in a field using dual mounted high resolution cameras with fisheye lenses. The images combine to create a 360 view of the entire pipe surface that can be viewed as single images or as a continuous data stream.

Phase 3

Asset Analysis

Phase 3 - Asset Analysis

Your Data Turned Into Meaningful and Actionable Information

We convert your raw field data gathered during the asset examination phase into meaningful information. Your data is then analyzed in an office controlled office environment, where our trained technicians have the ability to pan/tilt/zoom in real time and accurately identify and measure defects. After analyzing your assets, we present and recommend the best course of action. In this process, our experienced and expert technicians explain our recommended solutions. Most are technologies in trenchless repair and rehabilitation. Giving you the lasting solution you’re looking for.

Phase 4

Attack and Deliver

Phase 4 - Attack and Deliver

Striving For Flawless Execution of Deliverables

During this phase, it is important to adhere closely to the plans put in place during the planning stages. The deliverables should be reflective of a flawless execution, as they will be delivered to our sister organization, Insta-Pipe division for a remediation survey. Finally, all documents will be presented during an on-site meeting with the owner. By following this protocol, you can ensure accuracy and successful completion of the project.

Other Services

Using The Latest Technologies

Other Services We Provide

Using the Latest Technologies To Get To Your Hard To Reach Assets

  • 4K Panoramo
  • Laser Profiling
  • GPS
  • Sonar
  • Sonar/LiDAR MSI

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Through our measurable and reliable asset data make your goals within reach.